Time limited openVPN connection

NethServer 7.9.2009 final
Module openVPN

We use an openVPN RoadWarrior connection to work remotely with the Nethserver.

The problem is that it often happens that someone is working when the backup starts. They forget about the save time…

Is it not possible to set a time interval when setting up the openVPN connection so that you can only connect to the Nethserver at the specified time?

This would help a lot and I see that openVPN has such a setting option…

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Use firewall rules with time conditions.

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Hi @pike,
thank you for your idea.

I would be interested in implementing the solution…

Maybe this can’t be solved with openVPN’s configuration?

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I’m not aware if this can be solved via OpenVPN Server configuration. Maybe it could.
However, AFAIK currently Nethserver does not allow from the OpenVPN Server configuration manage time conditions for allowing connections.

So i suggested something that might help you achieve the result, even through a different path from the one you’re looking into it. I’m not currently aware on how “reserve” the IP of the OpenVPN connection for a specific user.
Because firewall chews only ip addresses, nor users, nor macaddresses, nor hostnames.

Hi @pike

This will work, NethServer generally reserves a DHCP IP for each client, so it would work per client or all VPNs…

My 2 cents

I think the idea is good, but how do I go about it? I’ve never done this before…

I would like to solve it so that everyone is logged out before the backup starts and cannot log back in from the VPN connection until the backup is finished…

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So create one user test, with one IP reservation AND the objects. Then… do the tests :wink:
When you’ll figure out how to to the thing, you’ll reserve to user the IPs, you will create an IP group then you will change the source of the rule.