Thunderbird /sogo compatibility


I setup NS 6.6, with

  • AD integration
    created shared calendar
    created shared address book
    read them for other user via sogo web-app.

Now I’m setting up Thunderbird client, version 38.
I installed Lighnitnh and sogo addon , like instructions of http:/ns/sogo-thunderbird information says.
I can gety only the integrator, not the Connector referes to thunderbird 31 …

So I cannot add a remote carddav addressbook …


I’m using the SOGo integrator 31.0.1 in Thunderbird 38.0.1 without any problem.
I’m connecting to owncloud (calender and contacts) via webdav and is working very well (don’t use SOGo)

Try to verify the webdav connection path in the frontend and the SOGo server configuration/permissions

You need to create a new calendar on thunderbird and connect the calendar to SOGo
The default calendar is local.
The contacts are the same, you need to creat a new contacts group and connect that group to SOGo

I think the link with the thunderbird configuration is not correct, can you send the right one to check?

Add certificate exception on Thunderbird for HTTPS://yourservename.yourdomain
As istructions said


actually I switched to Thunderbird 31 to go on with test …

as soon I can I’ll try again version 38

here is the certificate settings