Thunderbird asks for password


NethServer Version: 7.6
Module: Email

HI guys.
For last two weeks I have problem with connecting thunderbierd to Nethserver. From time to time it asks for user password even if I use Store password option in thunderbird. It is the same if I try to use thunderbird in local network or from outside. And this problem is for more users using one server.
Does anybody same issue? Any help?

Thank you.

The only “issue” I encountered was with accepting a new Letsencrypt certificate when it was automagically renewed. Never had issues with passwords.
Are you sure there was no password change?

Thank you Rob,
It should be something with certificate. How you solve it?

No passwords was changed. User have still the same password, but thunderbird asks for password few-times per day.

With the certificate it was just accepting the new certificate in Thunderbird and all was fine…
Can you check if keeping the password is set?

Is it a Windows Client? Have had some problems with Thunderbird with normal users without administrator privileges at the past (For me it was to define Thunderbird as standard program). It could help to give the user administrator privileges, save the password and go back to normal user rights. If this works I think some file at the profile has wrong rights.

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Thans for info. Yes it is Windows client. Tommorow I will try with admin privileges.

Please have also have a look at this:

Upgrading to Thunderbird 60.2.1 or later might cause your saved passwords to be ignored. The same problem can occur if you move the profile from one operating system to another. The workaround is to exit Thunderbird and delete the the pkcs11.txt file in the profile. Thunderbird will create a new version of that file when it restarts.

Found here:


Great Michael,
it look like problem that I have. I will try and let you know.
Thank you.

Did you try it?

Yes, before 10 minutes :smiley:
I will give it some time.

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Hi Michael.
It seem that deleting pkcs11.txt solve my problem.
Than you very much.