Threat shield sorting by Status and Confidence is not working

since a picture is worth a thousand words

If the Confidence field has some value, it can of course can be sorted.


I couldn’t test the sorting on Status field, @andre8244 could you please take a look?

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Thanks @JOduMonT, we are working on it right now:


That was fast! The package is ready to be tested.
Attention, the package is published inside NS 7.8.

If you want to test in into a 7.7:

yum install

@JOduMonT would you give a try and report back? :wink:

I’m in the middle of moving but
I took few minute to do the update and reboot the server (I didn’t found the services)

  1. than now Status is sorting
  2. while confidence don’t seams to sort
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On my side there are only unknown confidences so nothing to sort…status is working.

That shouldn’t be necessary as relevant services are restarted at installation/update. Tough a reboot is always good to see if something is still starting/working.

It doesn’t sort because all lists have Unknown confidence.

Thank you both for the tests!

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