This post is for lurkers only!

We discussed that in the past I’d like to know your opinion about a simple fact, over the last month around 308 members have logged in but only 148 are truly active, posting at least once. So just 1/2 of logged in members are used to post something.
The other ones just lurk and read our stuff.

Given that I :heart: lurkers my goals are always:

  • I want new members to feel immediately welcome, comfortable, and prepared to post about what they are looking for or what they need help with.
  • I want everyone to feel like they have something valuable (and brilliant) to offer, regardless of how long they have been around the project.

Is there anything in this community which makes some people nervous about posting?

I love that the level of discussion here is high and I don’t want to change that, but I don’t want it to be something that feels exclusive to the wider community. If we don’t hear all of the voices, how do we know what we don’t know?
How can we enable new members to jump directly into the discussion?

What should help you to change our behavior here?

Plus, I know that there many expert lurkers here :slight_smile: like
@fuso @pa3hfj @Christopher_Suttles @KdB @ftimmers @geofxgt @edi @Francenildo @Krajczar_Jeno @pasing @Thierry_Harribey @Max_Borgogelli @Catton_Durbrow @kamhighway @Boxx1e @nikolaus.herrmann @lclaude @zkmet @Ulm59 @nzsolt @bojce @maddin @gmaoret @kelevra @jrieder @P4T @Schawy @MrE @Linux_monger @makadang
Your are SUPER members but you have read so much more than posted. Why folks?
Please tell me :slight_smile:

Please, I’d like to see as many people as possible involved in this discussion :slight_smile: let me know about your experience here!
You would help me to make this community better for everyone!

Speaking of active users, honestly I have to admit that we have done great things last months!



if i can bring something in a discussion - i will do!

But i say it like it is: it is like it is!

Someone is a lurker another one is a “Labertasche” and sometimes brings nothing into a discussion:smiley:

So in my opinion, calling someone a lurker sets him under pressure…

No harm meant!


P.S. And in your statistic you can’t see how much I read mostly
without being logged in :wink:


Man! Lurkers are great. Don’t wanna put under the pressure anyone, just invite people to participate because we need them! We need you :wink:

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Yes, I plead guilty… The reason is that I always try to look for earlier given answers on problems I might have instead of troubling the community with the 10th version of the same question. And as relative Nethserver-beginner I lack detailed knowledge to give answers myself I’m afraid… But learning by the day!


You already know… as for the dark side, you need cookies

Or tuna…

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My lurk to post ratio heavily biased to lurking … you learn a lot by reading along.

It took ages before I felt comfortable enough to spout advice … as it is easy to try to help, but cause more confusion. I am always amazed by the quality of the answers, which makes me realize that my musings will not improve the already present answers, and thus I just happily learn along :slight_smile:



Well, I only can said, I just starting in the linux world so, in this point I just still learning. I hope, in a future share with the community my experiences.

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Asking questions is also being active on the forums… So, if you have any questions, don’t be afraid, we don’t bite… (not hard anyways… :stuck_out_tongue: )
Don’t forget, we have a simple rule: the only DUMB question is the question that is not asked!

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I think that offering your point of view on some topics is always unique and useful.

That’s a good habit :slight_smile:

How many cookies do you want?

Share what you learned so far, don’t take for granted that we are all experts here :slight_smile:
a lot of people will learn from your posts

Already registered, not a lurker.

Politeness: even with some spicy words or bity sentences, it’s still important remember that anyone can be better, smarter or have a nicer idea than you. Therefore, be kind tell what you think and why.
DIY: maybe someone already had your issue or idea, therefore search is the way and verify is the route, but in any case be pro-active for searching a solution or give your idea, when you find the problem and open a post. Maybe you could be wrong, but for some other persons could be a nice solution or an example for “not do like that”.
Re-think the wheel can be useful: as swedish furniture showed producing tables built like doors, there’s always another way to do the same thing. mail2 package tell the same tale. Sometime is useless, because the wheel is still good but… it helps to make the wheel better.
Have fun: just because users, problems, hardware, and custumers are pain in the 4ss, that’s not mean that you can find into all these experiences a little brick to build Castle of Happiness

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I’m a long time lurker, because I’m busy with many projects. But at last, this week I got a new proxmox server, I will install nethserver. Currently I’m reading a lot of documentation from both projects (nethserver/proxmox/zfs).

I have a lot of questions related with nethserver:
AD, mail, nextcloud, internet shared + filtering by users groups.
I want to replace a very old Domain Controller, so our users can authenticate in the domain.

I wonder if using nextcloud can help to “tame” our users wild behavior in the file sharing area (using quotas).

A question related:
Can I have one NS as a VN on proxmox for use as Domain Controller + nextcloud.
And use one or two more physical servers (bare metal) to:
#2 Mail server for our users (so the space in the VM is not used)
#3 Internet sharing and filtering
Then I can have 3 NS separated, and less prone to "hack"
Can the last two authenticate the users with the first one?

Sorry for the long post, but if I don’t write right now, I can forget some of this in five minutes.

Hi @MrE,

yes, with LDAP or Active Directory account provider.

Feel free to open some threads for your questions.

Thank @mrmarkuz; right now I’m learning how to configure the proxmox, simulating some fail scenarios and documenting; so I can train my colleagues.

We are planning to set NS in our office ~50 users.
And there is another project, in a remote office with less users (5 or 10); we plan to use proxmox and 2 VMs:

  • one NS (sharing documents, and Internet access)
  • one windows 7/8/10 (to share some remote files and backup a little db) with remote access/filtered.

I plan to have a little synology device for backups (VMs), just in case. I wonder if LDAP is more convenient in this remote office.

And I’m interested in the paid support so my colleagues can have support just in case I go the way of the dodo and to get stable updates/support.



I currently have 8 servers running live.
One location is only fileserver. The rest is a complete corporate server. Mail, Firewall, DHCP, LDAP or AD, Fax, Nextcloud …
I’m not professional, but I’m doing everything. And I give you many help.
And a private server. Here is everything. Plus transmission and PLEX.

Because English is not my strength, so I’m just asking.

Among my plans is the creation of a support site in Hungarian language.
On my own nethserver :slight_smile: When done, I’ll tell you.


great effort @Krajczar_Jeno! You can also consider to do some translation work on the NethServer interface and the documentation.
And don’t worry about limited English. A lot of our members don’t natively speak English and a ‘Google-Translate’ often is good enough to make the rest of the members understand what you want to tell them…
Looking forard to have a peek at your Hungarian support site when it is ready (yeah I will use Google Translate then too… :wink: )

Happy to see you around MrE!!!
That’s a good plan :smiley: oh man the way of the dodo doesn’t look so promisioning
But you have provided me another reason/case for buying a Subscription, good hint.

@pike Politeness - Politeness - Re-think the wheel can be useful - Have fun
great advice! That’s a good one

All the experiences here are little bricks to build a Castle of Happiness!

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