This Connection is Untrusted

I am trying to test my new Nethserver 6.6 installation, if I go to sites like gmail and facebook I come up with “This Connection is Untrusted” for Firefox, is there a setting or config I am missing?

Thank you but sorted, I had ticked “Transparent with SSL” removed that and up and away

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Just accept it, its because you’re using a self signed certificate.

I’d say that it’s because NS is acting like a “man in the middle”… :wink:

It’s definitely because of the self signed certificate. You can export/save the cert and import it into your local store. That would prevent the untrusted connection window from popping up. The SSL connection will also show green on your browser. You would have to do this to all to all PC’s/devices you use to connect to NethServer with.

OP is trying to connect to “”… and I guess that google isn’t using a self signed certificate that his browser doesn’t accept…

OP is using a ssl transparent proxy… enabling such a feature means that all traffic, even the ssl encrypted one, will be proxied and (eventually) filtered…

in other words, NS is acting like a “man in the middle”, that’s a fact

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