Third Upgrade Pack of WebTop 5 released

I’m glad to announce the release of the third WebTop 5 Upgrade Pack (ver. 5.1.4)

The main goal is a better integration between modules, a real revolution in supporting shared calendars / headers on devices with Active Sync and subscribing to remote calendars and contacts

This is the issue with more details:

Here you can find the complete list of Feature and Bug Fixes included in the third Upgrade Pack.

Main new features are:

  • Support for calendars and shared directories on mobile devices with EAS

Added support for Activesync to sync also shared calendars and headlines.

  • Subscribing to Remote Address Books and Calendars (CalDAV, CardDAV, Webcal)

Added support to synchronize calendars and headers from CalDAV / CardDAV and Webcal / iCal remote services such as Google Calendar or Contacts and SOGo.

  • Dashboard with Companion Panel of the various components

New “Home” panel that displays unread messages, activities, and future appointments

  • Global Search Everything (Email, Chat, Calendars, Contacts …)

New home includes a comprehensive search on all forms (Mail, Calendar, Task) with an immediate results view.

  • Default service at startup

Now you can select which service to show as default after login: the last used, Home, Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Tasks, Cloud.

  • Send a contact card by mail

You can easily send a contact in the address book as a VCF card attached by mail

  • Summary of upcoming events and activities on email section

Two event and activity summary integrators added under the mail folders


Great work! I will have a go on this one soon.


Fair to say “thank you” to @gabriele_bulfon and @matteo.albinola members of the development team for the great work :clap::clap:


Thanks so much Luca!


I was curious and installed WT5 on a new installed NS7 fully updated with NSDC.

2 things I noticed:

  1. I cannot change the admin password. I change it, but when I try to login again i have to use the standard password again.
  2. My installation displays Version 5.1.2:

    Installed packages are:
    webtop5-core 1.1.6 1.ns7
    webtop5-libs 1.1.6 1.ns7
    webtop5-zpush 1.1.2 1.ns7
    nethserver-webtop5 1.1.6 1.ns7

Have a nice weekend all together and thanks for this great piece of software!!

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In general: Great work!

I can confirm that the password is reset to default when changing, no matter what account provider used. This also happens if an admin password was already set.

This seems to be just the version of the module:

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Thanks @flatspin
I confirm the presence of the bug (
Waiting for fix from @webtop_team.
I try to find a workaround to change this password directly to db.

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This is the workaround:

su - postgres -c 'psql webtop5'

then run this update:

UPDATE "core"."local_vault" SET "password_type"='PLAIN', "password"='newpassword' WHERE ("domain_id"='*') AND ("user_id"='admin');

\ q (to exit)


I knew @lucag helped me some time ago:


Any ETA for a more permanent fix?

We already fixed this and pushed to our repos, give it the time to get into a Neth release.