The server seems to stop responding after 24 hours

Hi Guys,

I am pretty new in using nethserver. I want to completely remove my soho router and NAS by setting up a PC with nethserver on it.
I got one running for about a week with the following configuration.
I got the firewall set up, two green networks with DHCP activated and a red one also assigned by DHCP by the ISP
Open VPN Server, SAMBA server, FTP server
Pretty simple configuration i would say

What I saw is that every morning when i try to open up the web configuration page it is reported to be unreachable. Also the devices connected to the GREEN networks are not reachable and does not have an internet connection.

Seems to me a crash. I Installed the app for getting the statistic and a saw that the RAM usage is increased each hour by approximately 1-2 percents. I got 1GB of ram currently installed`.

Could it be that i am getting into a trouble with a memory leak or so?


No, this is the normal behavior. See: High memory consumption - #8 by Renan_Azedo_de_Olive

I don’t know why the server is unreachable.
Please check /var/log/messages and look if the server is in kernel panic or if any error occurred.
Also, check network status with the ifconfig command.

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I searched for “panic” into the message log. What i found is a following log :slight_smile:

“May 9 13:57:07 localhost kernel: i915 0000:00:02.0: registered panic notifier”
“May 10 12:55:01 server kernel: i915 0000:00:02.0: registered panic notifier”

Any comments are appreciated

Here is something else i found out :slight_smile:

May 9 19:01:11 localhost pkgaction[1774]: [YumRPMCheckError] [u’ERROR with rpm_check_debug vs depsolve:’, ‘ is needed by winexe-1.1-1.git.0.9d83c1e.el6.x86_64’, ‘ is needed by winexe-1.1-1.git.0.9d83c1e.el6.x86_64’, ‘ is needed by winexe-1.1-1.git.0.9d83c1e.el6.x86_64’, ‘ is needed by winexe-1.1-1.git.0.9d83c1e.el6.x86_64’, ‘ is needed by winexe-1.1-1.git.0.9d83c1e.el6.x86_64’, ‘ is needed by winexe-1.1-1.git.0.9d83c1e.el6.x86_64’, u’Please report this error at’]

The YumRMCheckError is related to a recent samba update:

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Is a new release of nethserver planed with the correspoding samba bugfix

The bugs were reported upstream and we are waiting for the corresponding bugfixes (samba authentication problem + winexe dependencies errors, winexe is used by adagios)

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the panic seems related to the integrated intel graphics.

Can you tell us which kernels are on your system?
rpm -q kernel

[root@server ~]# rpm -q kernel

I have not made any explicit modification after the installation provided on you website.
Once i have installed it from the ISO it recommended to me to perform some updates that i did
I never changed something manually through the CLI or so

Not sure if it’s related to:

Maybe the grub.conf file contents and a search for i915 in the error logs can bring up more information on the kernel panic, but wait for more expert advice from the @dev_team

Thanks dnutan
I will wait for their comments

It’s hard to diagnose a crash problem with these info.
I’d start with a glance at /var/log/messages. Could you send it somewhere, please?
Has the 24 hours pattern repeated in the last days?

have anyone had any experience with building router out of

Lenovo ThinkCentre M58p ?

based on the specs I found it has an “Integrated:
Intel® GMA4500” graphics as I do not use expansion card
on-board Intel® 82567DM,10M/100M/1000M Gigabit Ethernet
and I added an Intel Chipset 82546 Dual Port Gigabit 8492MT 1.25G Server Adapter Network Card

will I have the same issue as OP?

I have more RAM (6GB) but still…

also I do not plan to use SAMBA on the router. it will be strictly Router/FireWall/WebProxy/DNS/DHCP machine.
maybe VPN, not sure at this time.
FTP will be pass-through to an OMV or flawless VM
shares will be the main Server based on OMV or OMV or ownCloud VM.