The port is not routed to another VLAN

NethServer Version: latest
Module: port forvanding

There is such a problem. If I throw a port to the server which is in 1 vlan everything is normal. If they are routed to Vlan 10, nothing happens. Routes are all registered with Net server the server itself is pinged in the opposite direction too, the gateway is a Cisco 3750x with a routing function. Can someone tell me what the problem is?

Why Cisco and the server have the same IP Address?
How many interfaces are present into NethServer?

NethServer Vlan1 - Cisco Vlan1

I installed OPNsense, configured it the same way, and everything works. It turns out that there is an error in port forwarding somewhere… Does no one use VLAN?

Well, maybe someone else has at least some idea why is not working?

I’ve configured mikrotik, opnsense, and even ASUS RT-N56U all work. But I could not get Netserver to work, it’s a shame because This is the basic configuration for such systems!!!


We need more info. Do you have 2 devices with the same IP of like that in the diagram?

Sorry, I made a mistake, since it didn’t really matter, the server the port Is not routed until