The most used phones with FreePBX on Nethserver

Which phones have members in this community mostly adopted for the phone system using the FreePBX module on Nethserver. Without engaging paid modules on the same. How well does it work so far, and what’s the ease of setup?



I tried that module twice - and twice it screwed up during upgrade. Could not get it working again without Proxmox Rollback… :frowning:

Better to install on a seperate VM, no issues with Updating.

Setting up VoIP phones (Or Softphones) are still a PITA without a paid module…

My 2 cents

AFAIK FreePBX is sponsored by sangoma. IDK if the smarphone app will work correctly with the non-paid version of FreePBX.

I don’t use FreePBX on Nethserver; I use one of the IncrediblePBX builds on a separate VPS. But in that context, setup of a few different phones in small quantities has been easy without a need for any particular module. Avoid Cisco 79xx series phones like the plague. I’ve used an Asterisk-branded A25, a Grandstream DP720/DP750, and few handsets of Yealink W56H, all without problems, and all were easy to configure using the phone’s built-in web GUI; no need for any module to do that. Configuration for a phone doesn’t typically need to be more than host/port/username/password, so it really isn’t a big deal unless you want to get fancy (or you have lots of phones).

I’ve also used a couple of desk phones from ClearlyIP. Those have a built-in web GUI like the others, but ClearlyIP also publishes a module to configure them in bulk, and that module is also free–though I don’t know if it would work with the Nethserver installation of FreePBX.

IMO, based on admittedly little experience, a module like the Endpoint Manager (or Clearly Devices, in the case of ClearlyIP’s phones) isn’t all that important of an issue until you start dealing with lots of phones, and particularly groups of phones that you want configured in the same way.

ClearlyIP also have a module for use with their smartphone, which I’ve found to work very well–but there is a cost for that. For more information:


The commercial version of the Nethserver PBX (Nethvoice 14) has integrated a provisioning module that supports the brands shown at the following link


Nice. Time for one of the @docs_crew to update NethVoice 14 documentation in english :smiley:

I tend to think so as well, as I had the same experience. Aren’t using a Proxmox environment? Don’t want to dedicate a server to this? It will run well on a Raspberry Pi too:

If Nethesis have a PBX available as a commercial product, I’m sure they’re able to make it work well–but my experience with the FreePBX module convinced me it belongs on its own system.

you are right, yes the english translation is needed

is NEthvoice installable inside Opensorce Nethserver as a module?

FreePBX yes. NethVoice (with provisioning) AFAIK no.

No, it is not installable on the Open source version.

I don’t know exactly if you need Nethserver Enterprise Base and then mount the Nethvoice module on it or if the Nethvoice module also includes Nethserver Enterprise base.

It probably depends on the commercial agreements of the various resellers with Nethesis.

Maybe @alefattorini can help.

To be a bit clearer, Nethvoice is a layer that sits on top of FreePBX/Asterisk and allows to simplify the configuration of a PBX both for extensions and gateways.

Nethvoice is very user-oriented rather than device-oriented, so it allows to configure for a user several devices answering the same extension number (devices can be webapps, physical phones/cordless phones, smartphone app).

It has a web panel for each user to manage their extensions and calls, shared and personal address books, etc…

It has a provisioning designed directly by Nethesis and its own set of APIs for managing users/calls/etc.

And many other things: Queues, call-center, hotel management, call reports, interfacing with db, etc.

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