The games we play or played

I’ve got a long history of gaming going back to when I was young, my brother and I were used to playing the entire afternoon with Fifa or Pro Evolution Soccer!
I spent also days trying to save my Prince of Persia from death :slight_smile: or killing everyone with my Call of Duty crew :slight_smile:
So what about you? Do you play mobile games? Do you a nerdcore Worlds of Warcraft fan?
Did you have developed some games too?

my gaming-experience started with Doom2 when I was really young (maybe 5 years old?). I didn’t played it but I watched my father playing it. That way I learned my first English words: “Blue Key”, “Red Key”, “Yellow Key” :slight_smile:
The first game I played intensivly was Settler 1. The game had a great feature: if you plugin a Mouse via PS/2 (or the standard before) and a second mouse via COM, you had the option to play with two players on one computer with two mouses :slight_smile:. That was great for me and my brother.
The next game I played a lot was Age of Empire 2 and after that: Counter-Strike. Then school was over and I had no time to play alot. Especially because I started programming (C#) and that was also much time consuming. I developed a Remote Desktop Connection Manager (called beRemote: together with a second guy but the development stopped. It stopped because I am now developing an App that reports delays in the public transport (Metro, Suburban Train, Regional Train, Busses, Ferries, …) and I am getting (too less) money for presenting Ads or selling an adless Version. Thats what I am currently doing 90% in my sparetime, when I am on the computer. The other 10% is (at the moment) playing Factorio

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For gaming… Nothing better that he X-COM serie, like Enemy Unknown and Terror from the deep.
And an open source versions:


I love this's_Laws_(X-COM)

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This is the best game ever, for me :smile:

You’re absolutely right! :alien:

Yeah UFO was great. But for me the best is Fallout. Especially 1 and 2. From my child times, Prince of Persia and Prehistorik :smiley:

Mainly, FPS: Doom, Medal of Honor, Deus Ex, Crysis, Far Cry, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, Half Life, …
Almost all of each brand.

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Best for me, Wolfenstein, Doom, Half Life, Call of Duty, Hitman, Monkey
Island, Metal Gear, Warcraft, Starcraft, i think that will cover all.

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I don’t like FPS, even HITMAN was too easy, one night to end…

I like RTS in general from Dune II to Warcarft ( 1,2,3 )

Edit: I remember now another really good game that made me good memories:
Pirates! rebatized later Sid Meier 's Pirates!’s_Pirates!

My taste in games are really quite eclectic. I’m currently playing a LOT of Division on the Xbox One but I also have very fond memories of the original X-Com games. The new ones are pretty good too. The other game of the same genre that I enjoy is the Jagged Alliance series. Outside of that, other games that I’ve spent a lot of time on are Company of Heroes and Sim City 2 :slight_smile:

What have you mentioned? Monkey Island? :slight_smile: I have been played it for hours
I had also a Call of Duty crew! Good times :heart_eyes:

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When i read all this my memories go back to the good times as we were students. Our Game was Descent. Flying through spacelabyrinths fighting against the bots. One of the early 3D-Games and networkplayable. 10 mbit, BNC-plugs and ipx/spx. Up to 5 players. And that all in the early 90th. I think i have could finish my studies a year earlier without that game. :innocent: But i don’t regret! After that there was the broken sword series (Baphomet). Nowadays i’m no more playing. Hmmm, am i getting old? No! Thanks to your input i will start playing again. Thanks for that kick guys! :grin:


I just discover a new patch for Warcraft III… I can play again on my Mac :heart_eyes_cat:

My Raspberry gain a new function…

Rick Dangerous still rock :wink:

I’m a really long user of microsoft flight simulator, I played for the first time on a macintosh around 1983/84

and I followed the evolution on PC with FS3 around 1989/90

this is the game which has eaten all my nights…I was around 16 years :slight_smile:

After that I preferred to test the flight model with .50 calibre on plane, I speak about combat flight simulator 2 and 3 (1996/2000)

And I found the Game, IL2 sturmovik…I played all the version until IL2 sturmovik 1946 (2002/2006)

Here I can Say I Wasted, days, nights, Weeks, Months with my track IR, talking with bullets, thinking on the best flight to kill my ennemies…

Ok i’m not so proud of that :slight_smile:

I have changed, or my computer is old, or I think I have better to do, or I know I’m a former game addict so I don’t want to play the new version … :frowning:

but it is too nice argh


Years ago I played an online game called droidarena. Unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore. In this game there were alliances of max 50 members. Each member had a battlemech that had to be equipped with armor and weapons. After equipping, you had to write a battlescript. There was a basic standard script, but the ‘better’ alliances created enhanced scripts so mechs could work together to battle in the arena (hence the name: droid arena)
After some searching I found a usermanual in webarchive: <-- 12 years ago!

I was a leader of one of those ‘better’ alliances. Our alliance (T.E.A.M, what stood for ‘Together Everone Achieves More’) was a very tight alliance and we were also off game talking a lot with each other. After all those years I lost track of the alliance members, but I think it was although graphically not too good a great and innovative game.

More recent I played Navyfield on the EU servers. Great game, but it was Windows only and very VERY (did I mention V E R Y?) badly written with a LOT of bugs. Today Navyfield is still available on the US servers:
Especially with a good alliance, Navyfield has been good fun for many many hours…

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