The begining of the end for the ideals of fair use within the European Union (death of the citizens right to question, critique and to enquire)

Article 11 and article 13 of the European Union Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (to use the full name of the legislation) has passed (348 votes in favour to 274 votes against).



So basically, we’re going to have 7 corporations owning and administering everything; water, food, transportation, communications, medical & breeding worldwide and there will be 5 Internetz; N/S America & Asia, Europe, Russia, China & Australia.

More importantly, the speech and thoughts of European citizens will be regulated by the beloved (cough) masters, the non-elected members of the European Commission (such as Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk) and then voted on by ideologically corrupted socialist (cultural Marxist) extremists such as Guy Verhofstadt and Margrethe Vestager.

Welcome to the brave new world, Comrade (thank the heavens that I am a British citizen and will hopefully be able to soon escape from the grasps of the anti-democratic and overly authoritarian insane asylum that is otherwise known as the European Union).

@medworthy aren’t or weren’t you in Tucson, AZ?

…and don’t you have to show id to see the nakeds on the internetz?

Nah, I am a citizen of the green and pleasant land of England (to paraphrase from a William Blake poem) .

Not yet but I believe that is an idea that is being considered by the current British government (but I don’t think that there has been any formal parliamentary debates about this issue).

hmmm… who did I confuse you with, someone here is in Tucson.

Don’t know but that is defiantly not me.

Sound like 1984…


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