Thanks to all of you

Nethserver community, my family since I started with nethserver, I met great people in my life, and in such an ugly stage as this pandemic they gave me a hand of brothers regardless of borders, my family and I will be very grateful. In my country the situation is difficult, many say that we are in a dictatorship, what actually exists is debauchery. all make and unmake and destroy my country. We are a family with low economic resources but with a lot of love and faith in God. A very wife and I formed a small company that we still believe will have the future that we wish for strength, after my children were born my wife dedicated herself to baking and I stayed with my clients who at the beginning of the pandemic were less until I was left with one fixed, where my monthly payment is $ 60 and between what my wife earns we live from day to day. It is not easy to live like this but we did it. I believe and I have faith that Venezuela will be another. My workhorse a second-hand Fiat Premio that has been faithful to me in this race has not failed me, I am his mechanic, even that I have had to learn in life. I call you brothers that is how my heart tells me.

today request the closing of the collection in airfunding. at this point it’s my turn to start life again. I feel calm and strong to carry on, thanks to all of you

Thanks Community, Thanks Family