Testing NethServer 7.5.1804 alpha

The rpm was missing inside the repository (/cc @davidep) , added: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5490#issuecomment-389163151

The install error can be ignored, is present even on 7.4.
But when you go the “Bandwidth monitor” page and enable the server, it should start without problems.
I just tested it and it should work.

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Confirmed. I forgot to enable it. :blush:


PR done


This is a screenshot of the resulting DNS “Server alias” records, after upgrading to the final Email module based on Rspamd. I put it here, for later reference when we’ll draft the official announcement.

See also

And the test case /cc @quality_team



There’s no error anymore even after signal-event nethserver-sogo-update. :clap:

I recognized that sogo still requires nethserver-mail-common if you don’t have nethserver-mail2-common installed but in the new Software Center there’s just “Email” pointing to nethserver-mail2-*.


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wait wait just one more thing :innocent:
i’ve some problem with joining a remote AD.
alpha2, installed from iso, full testing update, join was ok and i can see user/group but sometimes i get

sssd: tkey query failed: GSSAPI error: Major = Unspecified GSS failure. Minor code may provide more information, Minor = Server not found in Kerberos database.
httpd: [ERROR] NethServer\Tool\UserProvider: Account provider generic error: SSSD exit code 1
httpd: [ERROR] (Connection refused): IO::Socket::INET: connect: Connection refused

in software manager:
i still see Virtual machines manager
(and i am very very happy to see fail2ban in core tnx @stephdl )

i still need to try to install some other packages…

has someone tested on hardware? @quality_team


Is it a MS ad with IPv6 addresses?

IIRC there are no changes on that part: do you have the same issue with 7.4?

my m$ admin told me that it’s disabled…

and yes on a 7.4 (full updated) joined to the same domain (and of course with the same config) i have those random messages in logs, sorry so not something related to 7.5 :thinking:

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I couldn’t reproduce it for now (/cc @m.traeumner)
Tried using following machines as remote DC:

  • Windows 2012r2
  • NethServer 7.4

Since the error is “Server not found in Kerberos database.”, you probably have some network troubles, maybe only on DNS resolution. Are you sure you don’t have multiple DC on the same forest?

When the messages are showing? During access to the Server Manager?

EDIT: also tested using NS 7.5 as remote DC.


@quality_team, “QA hot points”: did we check them all?


Samba: authenticated access to file shares
Mail server
    sending and receiving mail
    antivirus filter on received mail
    basic mail features
    access to calendars and contacts
Web proxy
    web access with transparent proxy
    antivirus filter on using EICAR test
Web applications (eg. NextCloud)
Asterisk with dahdi kernel modules and FreePBX

this is my config.

no :wink: one domain one forest 3 DC

usually, on Status\Dashboard or in Management\Users and group…

i too think something on the net or some timeout on AD server (Users
819,Groups 298, Machine accounts 1843)i must investigate…
so as not related to 7.5 i think we can split this (or i reopen in future) in a new thread and go on here with testing 7.5

I’ve a pull request that @nrauso is testing for us that could help you… Do you want to give it a spin?

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You need to access the right metadata, so make sure:

  • to have installed latest forge release nethserver-nethforge-release-7-1.ns7.noarch
  • to fix the release version: echo '7.5.1804' > /etc/yum/vars/nsrelease

I checked Asterisk and Dahdi … at least the dahdi module is loaded after reboot, I don’t want to learn something more on it :smiley: /cc @Stll0

EDIT: honestly, the only thing I didn’t check from the list is access to Samba shares.


i don’t think…
personally, being in alpha, usually, I try to check that everything is installable correctly and then go on with more detailed tests on individual packages

and judging by the messages of the last few weeks I would add to the hot points also
Deep packet inspection (DPI) (upgrade and installation)

I would keep it in alpha for a few days (for the things I miss to test)
if instead others already have at least installed everything … let us know :slight_smile:


You’re right, we can wait and get more feedback!

If someone decides today to :bomb: push tha button and upgrade to CentOS 7.5, the open problems are

  • the nDPI and dahdi kernel modules that have been recompiled
  • the nut package from EPEL

The same problems occur also for new installations on a fresh CentOS 7.5.

In any case, as workaround I’d suggest How to lock to a specific distribution release


updating now… i was almost sure i’ve updated 3 hours ago… :slight_smile:
btw, i only see the package after a yum clean & update from shell. installed with others (now i am in beta) but Virtual machines manager is still there

ah i don’t know if the fstab-update event here can give problems…

yes… i missed it! tnx, bookmarked

Yes there’s a nethserver-release update named “beta”. However consider it still “alpha” until we turn the symbolic link in repository from 7 -> 7.4.1708 to 7 -> 7.5.1805!

… here http://packages.nethserver.org/nethserver/

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3 hours are a looong time these days :stuck_out_tongue:

I confirm that groups metadata should be ok, this is the actual file.
By the way everything should be simpler to test when we switch the directly to 7.5.

Another great catch: it doesn’t have side-effects but the migration procedure will be marked as failed. I’m going to remove it, thank you!

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