Testers needed nethserver-arm img

SCL would be nice, remi-safe could be another alternative.

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Nice project! Saw it before and was on the breach on helping them a bit with user authentication.
(learning children it is oke to make a user/passw list in a calc sheet… :sob:)

did i tell you i don’t know J@ck sh!t of PHP?

If we have this additional packages in the right place in /opt are we coming close than?

+Requires: php-fpm
+Requires: php-smbclient
+Requires: php-opcache
+Requires: php-pecl-apcu

There might be some more modules like php-ldap or php-mcrypt but yes, we just need to make nextcloud use /opt/php-fpm instead of using rh-php72-php-fpm (which is just a TCP port configuration change) and it should work.
Maybe we could adapt nethserver-rh-php71-php-fpm in a way the /opt/ php version is used, then we could put the complete neth arm php 7 dependencies in one customized package and any neth php7 app should work, just an idea…

Why not? At the end it are just binary’s in a flle-system and nextcloud has to find them…

Cross checking x86_64 nextcloud install against the “arm php 7.2.8 SCL” missing packages are:

-rh-php71-php-pecl-apcu      x86_64 5.1.8-1.el7        centos-sclo-rh       69 k 
-rh-php71-php-zip                 x86_64 7.1.8-1.el7        centos-sclo-rh       89 k
-rh-php71-runtime                 x86_64 1-1.el7              centos-sclo-rh       1.1 M
-sclo-php71-php-mcrypt        x86_64 7.1.11-1.el7      centos-sclo-sclo    19 k
-sclo-php71-php-smbclient    x86_64 0.9.0-2.el7       centos-sclo-sclo     36 k

rh-php71-runtime catches my eye, its big-ish

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nethserver-horde-0.0.1-1.16.gd07f9c5 is available in the nethserver(arm)-testing repository

to install it:

yum install --enablerepo=nethserver-testing,epel-pass1 nethserver-horde

note: No need to configure an extra epel repository
On 7.4.1804-Devel the epel-pass1 repo is configured in /etc/yum.repos.d/NethServer.ns-epel just not enabled by default. :wink:

cc @m.traeumner


Thanks for your work, but sorry I can’t test. I don’t have any Arm-PC

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Horde took some time to install but worked in first tests. :+1:

@mark_nl, I did some comments on your github issues, openvpn and web proxy.


Your proposal is in place on new downloaded images, thanx!


The new image works as expected!

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closed #26

Good job, thank you


We are actually distributing these RPMs by copying them inside NethServer repos. I’m not currently aware of any license violation here, but I don’t even mind to add also the source RPM (if available) or to ask further permission to the package maintainer.
Note that if we can add an RPM inside our own repository, the whole functionality must be removed.

Never claimed/said that; lets say i have another perspective:

Just wanted it of my chest, it’s not a big deal

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Next days I get a Banana Pi with 2 GB of RAM. I’ll try to let it run as a mobile security solution on nethserver base with Proxy, Content Filter, Clam AV, IPS and Firewall. It should connect to a WLAN and share this connection after filtering the traffic to other devices.
I’m curious about it.


I always loved Gentoo for the same reasons! :smiley: But honestly, it’s a little hard to maintain a fleet of self-compiled machines :smiley:

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Can I test it on espressobin

Hi Paul, No not Yet :disappointed_relieved:

The Espressobin has an SOC from the Marvell Armada 3700 Family which has a dual-core ARMv8 Cortex-A53 CPU. Meaning it’s aarch64 = arm64 bit.

Because of the bigger audience the development of nethserver 7.5.1804 is focused on armhfp=arm32 bit.

If you get/have centos aarch64 running on your espessobin you can install nethserver 7.4 on it for testing. On a device already running centos:

yum localinstall http://mirror.framassa.org/nethserver7-arm/nethserver-release-7arm.rpm

this NS 7.4 aarch64 release is tested on odriod C2, scaleway VPS and AFIAK a pine

a nice read to get centos aarch64 running:


Hi, is there an img available that might work on a pcDuino (allwinner arm a8)?

Welcome @River_Mersey,

unfortunately we only make images for RPI, although it is on my todo list to make an image for the centos-generic kernel (= close to mainline 4.14)

It is always possible to install Nethserver once you have centos running on a device. :grinning:

I do run nethserver on a organgepi pc (allwinner h3), it is a bit of a hassle to set it up though

Can you point me (link?) to the exact pcDuino you have.
Maybe i can find some directions for you.

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Hi Mark,

Yes, it’s:


All the opsys images I’ve found for it are Debian/Ubuntu based. While I can get a centos burned onto an SD card, it will boot up and access that card but it then continues to boot from the nand chips. When Ubuntu is running, the SD card is available and show the centos live boot ISO but I don’t know how to switch from Ubuntu to centos.

Many thanks