Test if the IP of the samba4 container is not already used

I did my newbie, I installed nethserver-dc, then I made a mistake and I set an IP already existent on my network for the container.

Of course I created a mess, the container is not reachable, however a validator should ping the IP before, to see if the IP is free.

Another question, I suppose that the bridge is a mandatory, so I wonder why to put a check box ???

A new validator is a good idea but it doesn’t work in all scenarios: the IP could be seems free if the host doesn’t reply to the ping or if the host is temporally down.

Yes it is, and you’re totally right. But this was the only solution found to inform the user of any network change.
I don’t like very much the current web interface and we are open to any suggestion!

(I opened a card for this few days ago: NethServer 7 · GitHub)

In my case, just a ping was good, maybe we could also do a reverse dns question to see if the local dns server knows this IP.

Or (i’m kidding) use an ipv6 for your container and the issue is solved.

Concerning the checkbox, if it is a mandatory, just leave a text to inform about the creation of the bridge.


I agree with @giacomo it don’t cover all the possible issues but a quick ping or dns check could help to avoid conflicts

Or we suggest the new @stephdl module :slight_smile:

Yea, I prefer one validator, probably not perfect rather than none.

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