Terminal: paste seem not working on Firefox

NethServer Version: 7.9
Module: Cockpit/Server manager

Terminal paste works in Chrome, but not in firefox. I click paste or press shift+insert but data won’t flow.
No site asked/prompted.

I can confirm this. Extraction from developer console:

Source-Map-Fehler: Error: request failed with status 404
Source-Map-Adresse: terminal.min.js.map

Text could not be pasted, use Shift+Insert: TypeError: navigator.clipboard.readText is not a function

I think it’s an upstream issue: https://github.com/cockpit-project/cockpit/issues/12939

Do you confirm @edoardo_spadoni?

Yes, It’s an upstream issue. In NethServer we simply import the Terminal view without any changes.

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Tested with Shift+Insert, that works.

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I tried with two servers, paste don’t work but shift + insert key at my keyboard works as aspected.
Ctrl+V don’t work.