Tell me more about your NethServer installations!

Below a screenshot showing my hardware. I use NS at home where I have one PC running windows 10, one MAC, 2 nodes elastix server cluster. I use NethServer as a true all in one (gateways, file server, mailserver, VPN, ownclod & webserver). I know it is a good practice to separate gateways from other, it is for this reason that I am planning to setup a second NS server that will acts as gateway (I need to find some time to do that though…). I also have a 3TB external hardrive connected to NS where I store all my files.


Great! Are you using this just for home or for bussiness too?
You can leave everything on one hardware, no problem :wink:

One more Nethserver gateway/firewall here in Brazil.

This one is on a Dell PowerEdge T110 II with a Pentium G850 @2.90Mhz 8 Gb ram.
It will enter in action tomorow.!!

It have 3 NICs.
1 for WAN (red)
1 for green ( with various vlan ) for various levels web filtering
1 for blue, with the Ubiquity Controler and five UAPs

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here my share.

this NS is for home use only, for lab and play around for the modules i want to deploy to my office. :smile:


i’m new entry in this community.
I have done an easy installation of NethServer by using VirtualBox.
I have created a VM that running 2 GB of RAM and one core.
NethServer ask me to change password and so i m begginning to install modules


Ehi man, welcome aboard and thanks for sharing…
What discussions or docs have helped you most?
Would you mind tell us something about you replying to the topic below?


Yeah, love it! :sparkling_heart:
Which of them is NethServer? Black or blue? Right/center/left?

on the right
it’s a Fujitsu primergy tx150 s6 with linux and virtualbox

i have another nethserver in the office of the school, photo coming soon :slight_smile:


this my other nethserver installation. it’s a IBM system x3200. it’s server only a share for exchange file of only 4 users :smile:


I’m always curious about your installations. Which kind of hardware are you using?
Where are they? In a basement? In a kitchen? Or into a fancy datacenter. :stars:

Hi there,
currently I have one installation for my Rootservers. I plan to implement Nethserver on a client after I played around with Nethservers and know how everything works.

On my rootserver Nethserver is installed on a virtual machine (2GB RAM/2 vCPUs) based on Hyper-V, attached to the red interface.
I use it for/as a:

  • Gateway/Routing
  • Firewall/IPS
  • DNS-Server
  • HTTP-Proxy
  • HTTP-ReverseProxy
  • Monitoring and Inventory
  • VPN-Tunnel (planned)
  • OwnCloud (planned)

The same configuration will be at my client without OwnCloud but maybe with Mailservices.

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It may be old, but it delivers as well as a new one…nobody looks in the Server room anyway!

Small office with a few Tech Support guys with email, file sharing using ownCloud, and VPNs and this Nethserver makes it look easy.


Ahah I like this :slight_smile:

In our company in a production environment (email hosting with SOGo for different domains, during migration from Zentyal), on dedicated hardware placed in DMZ, in the new Server Room (not yet fully functional and finished).

The next NS will replace the Win2k8 PDC/AD


@ Home

(Ns7 is on a VM to make test :smiley: )

@Contabo (VPS)


Nethserver in our company : email, file server, webmail, groupware (owncloud), print server.
We went live 3 weeks ago and replaced an old Poweredge R200 running SBS2008.

The server running NS :

Still working on the backup… now is an USB drive but I will repurpose 4 WD SE drives in a backup NAS.




@GG_jr @jackyes @Max your installations are so cool! Thanks for sharing :poodle:

Some new fancy installations to add to this list? I’m so curious! Post your images guys

Nethserver in my home… “Production”… environment (My wife, myself, and our six children). NS is the firewall, gateway, email, IPS, Domain, File share, Opencloud, VPN, web server, and VM server. I’ve several VMs running that I play with. I’ve four TVs in the house each with a pc running plex and kodi for entertainment streaming, and between tablets and phones approx. 10-12 more devices. I use NS to help protect my family from the evils of the internet, to help make managing their devices easier, and as a virtual lab as my playground. I also use it to teach my kids everything that I can get them interested in which ranges from creating their own web pages that they can show off to their friends to learning linux and the infinite amount of things you can do with it.
Dell pe 2950 (that a company was going to throw away) $0
32 gb ram $40 used