Tecmint series on Samba4 AD

I was looking for how-to’s on Samba4 AD use and stumbled on an interesting series by tecmint: http://www.tecmint.com/install-samba4-active-directory-ubuntu/
The series are not finished but already contain a ton of good info we also can use with NethServer7 Samba4 AD.

I can’t wait untill they release part9: Integrate CentOS 7 Desktop to AD as a Domain Member


Writing docs like that for NethServer would be awesome, I’m an eternal dreamer :smile:

Agree. It would shed so much more light on how to actualy USE NethServer. As with most distro’s and applications, installing is not the most difficult thing. Configuring so you can use it in a good and satisfying way is often another story and most of the time the endgoal for the distro or application.
You can have that many features, if it is not clear how to configure and use them, the features are quite worthless.