Team Red vs Team Blue: which will be your next CPU?

First desktop/enthusiasts CPU of 10th generation core are announced to the market.
After a long path of advantage, now Intel seems on the tail of AMD.
So… what you’re thinking for your next device/appliance/server?

I switched to AMD last week, after many years of intel-only.
The performance per $ difference is staggering, but this time also not comparing prices.
Intel needs to wake up and have to say, I believe they WILL wake up.

As for the “experience” switching to AMD, indeed there is a huge performance change, but a mixed bag in everything else.
Temps are higher. Good (and silent - since it will be stronger more time) cooling becomes more important.
Hyper-V issues (no nested VM and even normal VM support was hidden behind stupid EFI settings).
USB that is already weird anyway (for example some random incompatibility and power issues), is more weird here - of course this is also dependent to mobo manufacturer, but I moved from Gigabyte to Gigabyte, so there.

That said, I don’t plan to switch from nVidia to AMD any time soon.

After long time with intel (mostly i5 ans i7 of every gen), I will move to AMD Threadripper for my workstation. Mostly for Qemu/KVM and some GCC/Clang build, and maybe in a two year or more epyc for homeserver (if I find used one).

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Not only a change of brand, but also a change of kind of CPU, much more similar to Xeon/Opteron than Ryzen.
You already know which generation of Threadripper you will choose?

I personally don’t know right now, I plan to build my new workstation in the next 6 months or so, I will take the “best” Threadripper gen available for my budget when I do. So I don’t think it will be the most recent, maybe one gen behind if I’m lucky.

Since their gens are pretty huge leaps, I would instead go to lower model of current gen.
As an example: Myself.
I had to build two PC. One got Ryzen 7 2700 and the other Ryzen 5 3600X.
The Ryzen 7 2700 was considered more “high-end” than Ryzen 5 3600X is considered.
2700 has more cores and threads (8/16 vs 6/12), I think has higher base clock too.
But 3600X is ranked almost 25% higher performance (!) and is more expensive. Also has some more modern features.
3600X ended up being my main.