Task completed with error

while creating user every time it shows task completed with errors

How sholud i overcome this
please help!!!

Which (local) account provider do you use ?

Active Directory

Did it work for you in the past or is this a fresh install and you never have been able to create a new user?

Does the active directory (nethserver-dc, in short nsdc) run properly?
A quick brief check is simply looking if the status and configuration in the server-manager respond with meaningful information (web gui)
Status > Domain accounts and
Configuration > Accounts Provider

I assume you tried different user names and passwords, right?

Maybe it’s related to this thread, is your server updated?

Please paste here the output of this command:

grep FAILED /var/log/messages

Also make sure to have nethserver-dc updates to latest release.
To update everything:

yum clean all && yum update