Talking about some roles in the NethServer community

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I’m intrigued by this topic, we haven’t specific role here just a few teams with a generic “goal”, what @robb suggest is right, we’re becoming a mature community so it’s time to define a commitment to do certain tasks within a specified period of time, it could permit us to grow up and take the plunge.

At the moment, we have:

How can we determine our “commitments” and “roles” ? So it remains sustainable as voluntary effort.

I’d like to clarify that this hasn’t anything to do with power, at the contrary we’re talking about duties and a sustainable way to give back to the community what we have learned and received from other people.
Any thoughts?

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The problem for me is the time and the knowledge. I would like to do more but I can’t find the time or I know the topic to write something about it. :cry:


@WillZen, this is a very legitimate reason to bring up. It occurs in every volunteers community. Most members do want to contribute, but have very limited time, resources or knowledge.
It is by no means necessary to do all the tasks. But while the community is growing and the amount of active members of the community is growing, it is very likely that you only pick 1 or a few small tasks that are on the list.

You don’t have to be a team leader to help. What we do want to know is what things you might be able to do and a rough estimation of how much time you can spend. Even that last part will be subject of change. Sometimes you can spend a few hours per week, sometimes only 1 hour in a month. Remember that all help is welcome!

I think that we need from each team their roadmap for, lets say, next half year. Define some goals you want to accomplish and fill those in on a calendar. Set names at each task for the responsible person and implement a feedback mechanism with mini-milestones, so the whole task is under control and on schedule.

Maybe this sounds a bit strict, but it is all about getting some structure in how the community and the project evolves. We still can have the loose atmosphere in the community and still can be as active or inactive as we want. I want to emphasize that anyone who steps in can set his or her own schedule, when or how to be active. Only thing that we should be able to count on, is that whenever anyone takes a task, the task will be finished. Sure things can change and if you have to return a task because you can’t do it (for whatever reason), thats fine too, as long we can anticipate on that and take over or reschedule.

The question now is: how do we take off from here?


@robb This are good points and I agree with that. To come to a roadmap we need first a meeting with the volunteers who wants to help. At the meeting we can discus how to go on, who will do which task and when will it be finish.
I would like to write more HowTos but I don’t have the knowledge. Maybe someone with the knowledge could explain it or send me notes with the important points and I could write the first version.

I also can suggest some improvement which would be nice but to do it is out of my range.


Free time is one of the factors on which we depend. But at least for my part, I scheduled my daily tasks translations of NethServer and some tests with certain applications.

We can schedule a time to meet the most important translations, when a translation reaches 100% it will be easier.

@spanish_team @translations_team @docs_team

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I’m not having a lot of time in fact, i’m only reading the daily diggest
now, but if you assing me some to doc to translate, i’ll be glad to help.

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@mabeleira, thanks for the heads up and the offer. I think the @translations_team will be grateful to know they can ask you to do a specific task.
This will be one of the main tasks for the @community_team: getting an overview of who can do what job in a specific period of time. These are exiting times for both community and project.

I think that we should move on two parallel tracks:

  • list all jobs, tagged by area and execution time ( not only list “jobs” but also responsibilities of something here )
  • collect everyone’s availability: interests, time, skills.

For example:


  • write a guide on “HowTo block Facebook with NethServer Content Filter” (medium, at least 1 hour)
  • Write an (extensive) howto on creating a NethServer module. Installing an application isn’t that hard, but modeling it into a NethServer webgui supported module is another thing. In order to get NethForge filled with high quality modules, we need to know the basics of creating a module.


  • Welcoming Commitee
  • welcome new members replying to @alefattorini’s post. Frequency every week.


@mabeleira: translate docs from English to Spanish
@jgjimenezs: in charge of translations from English to Spanish. Daily.
@WillZen: write an HowTo.
@chuckk: testing
@jeffbales: writer and testing

Agree, we have to schedule it. In the meantime, we need a list of all jobs and responsibilities, so people can pick up from it.


I believe we must take this conversation seriously. I’m available for a community hangout about this topic.
Who else wants to join?

raises hand. aye

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raises hand. aye

Alessio, I am away on vacation until next Monday but free after that.

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Looking forward to your coming back my friend, then we can we can start having some fun! :dancers:


  • Write an (extensive) howto on creating a NethServer module. Installing an application isn’t that hard, but modeling it into a NethServer webgui supported module is another thing. In order to get NethForge filled with high quality modules, we need to know the basics of creating a module.

Just added, @syntaxerrormmm @paspo and @gecco might help with this

This “how to” can be the keypoint to attrack people here.

I can do Samba, Samba users and groups, and Shared Folder. Give me some time I can do DNS, DHCP and PXE.


I can translate somethings from english language to german language if you want.

@JeffBales and @m.traeumner thanks for your help

@chuckk are you still around? @WillZen do you have some time?

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Sorry, I am busy and can’t find the time to do other work. :cry: