Systems Management - SpaceWalk Addon

First off, thank you for Neth, enjoying it more and more every day. Bit about me, I’m Dave, 30 years in the IT industry and I promote, support linux where ever and when ever I can.

I’m sitting here tonight, updating my meager 6 linux servers ubuntu based (except of course my neth) and all have webmin installed. I wanted to ask what would be the possibility to integrate SpaceWalk as a module or add on for Neth?

All the best many thanks.


Can you advocate the needs you have and the spavewalk features bringing

We have a (non dictated) way of adding new modules:

  • Feature request: we can discuss what it is, what features the application brings, what alternatives there are, why you need it and why/how other NethServer users can benefit from the application.
  • Installation howto in the forums: Create a howto that is complete so it can be installed on a default NethServer instance.
  • Create a Wikipage for the application where the howto will be transferred to. Further discussion can stay in the forums.
  • If someone steps up: create a NethServer module as RPM for the module so it can be added to the modules in NethForge repository.

@dvanremortel My suggestion is to start with the first point:
(for those that are unfamiliar with it) What is SpaceWalk and what are the alternatives. Why should we choose SpaceWalk over any other alternative. (I can think of the bigger options like Chef, Puppet etc). What are the strong points, how can we make use of the functionality in NethServer.

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:heart: this, added here

NethServer has so many valuable features, especially KVM management. I believe Neth combined with Space Walk would be a valuable combination in that you could deploy a single NethServer and any accompanying server/sevices all within one management pane of glass.

SpaceWalk along with lifecycle management and patch automation can also provide provisioning. Something that I have not seen integrated anywhere other then by large corporations on enterprise platforms.


I don’t know if you already are aware that Nethesis offers an enterprise service very similar to SpaceWalk, it’s called My Nethesis
It’s a remote monitoring and real-time alerting for NethServer Enterprise but not based ON NethServer