Systems for PXE / TFTP from ISO

NethServer Version: 7.7.1908
Module: pxe, tftp

I just found that nethserver provides tftp / pxe boot, too. Lovely, I installed the Centos environment as directed within the manual - works perfect.

Now I would like to use some iso-images, such as

Does anybody has a simple standard method to get the required data from such an iso image. Where do I need to place the files? For Knoppix I found some manuals, however these require ntf server.

Any help / link / howto is appreciated.

Thank you Thorsten

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Maybe I can help.
I do have a fully devolopped system running, including FOG-Project.
But I can only access my system tomorrow.

I’ll see about sending a few pointers…

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I think best method is search the web for "<PRODUCT> pxe", as example clonezilla…
I assume in this knoppix tutorial NFS is used to have images on a separate server or make access easier.

NFS may not be necessary.

In this (old) thread for instance NFS is not used. As knoppix is already a TFTP server itself, the files are just copied.

Default root on Nethserver is /var/lib/tftpboot, in the tutorials mostly “/tftpboot” or “/srv/tftpboot” is used.


You guys are really lucky.
I thought I had lost my very exquiste PXE Boot Environment made/updated in Summer 2015, due to bad luck, disk crashes and moving…
I found a working image of /tftpboot on the backup of an old SME-Server used at a client before we upgraded / migrated to NethServer.
I do not have the full docs anymore, but the working multiboot environment can save a few days of work.

If anyone’s interested, send a PM with your mail, I’ll mail the ZIP file, it’s about a gig big, but I can’t post it here… Unpack it best right on a Linux system, but windows will work too. You’ll need to chown/chmod the whole directory anyway, once it’s on your tftp-server (NethServer).


While you can set a tftp-server in the DHCP with either the old dashboard or cockpit, that’s usually just NOT enough!

You need to pass along a few DHCP options, like boot-file. This is often pxelinux.0 or undionly.kpxe.

pxelinux linux uses tftp for the whole boot process, wheras the mor modern undionly.kpxe can use various protocolls, among them http…

There were a few other issues, before I got it working the way I wanted.
In NethServer templating is necessary…

The FOG-Server project uses PXE a lot, you can find a few pointers in their handbook / forums. Imaging by cron job, booting clients with wake on lan, then imaging, if there’s a task on queue, otherwise reverting back to off state… Quite interesting, and works well as a Linux Container in Proxmox, and also works hand in hand with NethServer for DHCP/DNS…

As @mrmarkuz noted, a lot of Distros provide a PXE boot environment, and not only linux or BSD. Bart-PE is another option.

This directory can be a big help. I’ll dig around, if I can find my notes from PXE booting with a boot menu…

Teaser screenshots:


I didn’t get Acronis working, but even a full network boot of OpenBSD, SME and others…

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OH WOW thank you - you get a PM


yes, I used the knoppix tutorial, but it is for an older version and I do not get it run. For Clonezille I made it work. However in some cases I do not have any hint at all. As Andy stated, Acronis was difficult … I want to implement that one, too.

However I will try Andys Files :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards