Systemd-readahead[541]: failed to open pack

Please assist with error: Cannot find a solution:

systemd-readahead[541]: failed to open pack

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Hi, and welcome to the community.
Do you have any more details on the server setup, any related event prior the error or any extended error message?

Is it a new NethServer installation or a long running one?
Is the filesystem read-only?
Have you checked disk health?
Have you edited /etc/fstab file before this error happened?


Hello, No Fresh install. only up for one (1) day. Did some app installations and updates and rebooted,
Only to get this error. Yes it does also say Read Only. Checked the SSD. No errors. Have not edited the stab file.

Can the server boot correctly when choosing an older kernel on boot-up (if any available)?

Not letting me:
cannot create temp file for here-document: Read-only file system

When the server starts there isn’t a menu similar to this one?
With the given information I do not know the cause of the error, but sometimes it is filesytem corruption and solved by booting from a recovery disk and checking the filesystem (fsck or similar)?
Can you use journalctl to check for other warnings/errors?
If it is a new installation sometimes it is faster to start anew.

A bit more in depth question: would you please bring us a bit more info about your disk drive?
Age? Brand? Model?

Did you fully tested (Memtest86+) your ram?