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Continuing the discussion from NethServer 7.2 alpha 3 - "First Blood":

Thanks to @fasttech and @mark_nl for their hints! We have a package for ns7 that should fix the shutdown delay:

 yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-base-2.10.2-1.124.g53f1843.ns7

Do you want to take a crack at it?

Still has the delay.

Installed Packages
nethserver-base.noarch                                           2.10.2-1.124.g53f1843.ns7                                            @nethserver-testing
[root@server88 ~]#

How did you get that message? :open_mouth:

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?? It’s what comes up after the shutdown command in the gui.

What are you asking me… let’s see, from the browser I start the shutdown, then switch over to the vm host remote session where I select the vm virt display for that machine… and then I hit the arrow up key to force the virt screen to start displaying the shutdown… I don’t know what you call it but it’s the list of actions performed during shutdown, there must be a term but it’s basically what you see in dmesg only live.

Is that what you’re asking?


Yes, thanks for your explanation! My console does not show up anything while the system goes down. It’s a KVM machine.

This is your secret :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks for the hint!


There could be an issue with that package. Please test the brand new nethserver-base :wink:

 yum localinstall
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I have the same problem: time to shutdown from gui button pressed to switch off is about 1 min and 30 secs.

I can’t reproduce it on a clean system: what modules did you install?

After updating nethserver-httpd-admin the issue goes away:
yum install

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No, it still runs the delay after two reboots,

nethserver-httpd-admin.noarch 1.6.4-1.26.g32be87c.ns7

I also tried @filippo_carletti package but that failed for me,

`[root@server88 ~]# yum install
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile


Damned cut&paste

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yeah, ima stupid

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing update nethserver-httpd-admin-1.6.4-1.29.g56519bb.ns7

That did it, there’s no longer a delay and holy crap it reboots fast.


Confirmed, no LSB’s on shutdown :slight_smile:

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