Sysadmin vs eJabberd. Fight!

NethServer Version: 7.9.2009
Module: eJabberd


  • Server-only installation, GREEN only
  • Zammad, NextCloud and Mattermost already installed (but only Zammad tested/used)
  • at time of ejabberd installation, no user provider was installed.
    later installed LDAP on localhost as account provider
  • root was not avaliable -> created user and jabberadmin group on OpenLDAP; now user is part of the group
  • configured http management for eJabberd
  • hostname is host.domain.local, a “proper” but not currently public available domain is the alias/virtualhost for Zabbix (host.domain.ext)
  • TLS policy 2020.05.10 enforiced
  • No Let’sencrypt certificate requested, currently the installation has no public access.

Pidgin: still ho clue how to configure it correctly (keep answering me “bwoah”)
Trying to access to https://ipaddress:5220/admin/ asks for login, but the user on LDAP is not accepted.

Already try to submit the commands
sss_cache -g jabberadmins
signal-event nethserver-ejabberd-save
suggested here nethserver-ejabberd — NethServer 7 documentation because “maybe” LDAP server is not the same… but maybe that was wrong.
Submitting did not change a thing

Throw me anything…

Here are my account settings, sorry for German screenshot, I wasn’t able to tell pidgin to appear in English on Windows :unamused:

After setting up the account pidgin should ask for allowing the certificate.

You need to add the domain like user@domain.local

Please also check /var/log/ejabberd/ejabberd.log

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Starting from the beginning: thanks.
Would you please share the second tab of your configuration?

I didn’t change anything in the second tab:

Maybe switch to Gajim or Psi which are better supported (creating rooms etc), see Ejabberd improvements + ejabberd 20.03