Sync with windows mail/calendar and Outlook

it works. I enrolled to NS, so I needed to change usernames and passwords. Worked on win 10 at aprox 1-5 march.

For caldav address, you need to go to yours nextcloud instance to calendar and copy caldav link and for carddav to contacts.

I get this message:

When I click OK, it just goes back to me asking to sign in, and won’t save the account.

I remove my account and give you pict by pict guide how to tomorrow.
(Maybe they changed something - we will see tomorrow :slight_smile:

  1. Go to Windows settings, Accounts:
  2. Click to iCloud
  3. Next, important part, do not enter your real credentials and Click Login.
  4. Account is added
  5. Next, click to newly added iCloud account
  6. Windows saying account needs attention.
  7. Next, we are going to edit account
  8. You can set email settings to manual, disable email and click to advanced settings on the botton.

    8a Go to your nextcloud instance to Contacts app, to Settings on the botton left and copy sync link:

    8a On the windows account settings, go to botton and delete icloud addresses and fill in contacts sync url.
    8b Go to Nextcloud calendar app to settings on the left botton and copy link for iOS

    9 So, fill in second url

    10 click Finish and on the window fill in your real username and password
  9. Click save and hope, sync with Nextcloud working fine.

And my understanding is that Nethserver is really wanting to move towards Webtop and away from SOGo

Ouch, Is this really planned? Is there any time planning to do so?

We run Nethserver with SOGo successful on some Environments and there is no need to change this in near Future.

I Agree, SOGo ActiveSync on Outlook isnt the Burner, and under macOS it dont work. But it works fine in IOS and Android. The DAV connection also works fine in IOS and in my opinion the IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV combination ist the best solution for syncing in heterogeneous networks.

In the most cases we use “emClient” on Windows for Mail/Contacts/Calendar. The most Windows users are happy with the EmClient GUI because she is similar to Outlook. In macOS the emClient is also an alternative to the combination.

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I don’t know how likely this is but @stephdl just released an updated beta of SOGo today.

SOGo has moved to a community effort, you cannot win if the lead developers has no willingness to develop their own product. SOGo has not much development, webtop does

@jookk Unfortunately at least on the current US version, we don’t get to step 4, after step 3, it just says nope, the account doesn’t work.

@royceb I just updated to his beta, as long as there is continued work and Nethserver doesn’t abandon it, that’s OK, though an updated more responsive web interface would be nice. I wish I had the expertise to help with that.

I have installed win home from iso from ms server. Its newest update, not insider one. Which is your version?

Pro: 21H1 build 19043.906

Edit: Well, here’s a wrinkle…I have 2 systems, same build. One it works on, one it doesn’t… I’ll keep digging.

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@saitobenkei I’ve used caldavsynchronizer. It’s fine for me and people that know what they’re doing, but definitely not Wife Acceptancy Factor approved. Synchronization needs to work without any additional addons otherwise the general public isn’t going to like it/use it unless it is stupid simple.

Keep buying Exchange™️.

Once Outlook was a mailclient, Pim and a far better Exchange client than Schedule+. Now seems much more Exchange or Microsof365 client. You (WAF, customer, your boss, your coworkers) want the client? Keep buy server and client yearly as Microsoft requests.


I have used and continue to use SOGo, Webtop, and Kopono combined with Nextcloud as exchange/O365 options in environments that I am involved in, however I also support companies that use the Microsoft solutions. I wouldn’t even think of taking them off the Microsoft ecosystem anymore because the reality is MS solutions smoother and much easier to use for the clients. I actually lost a client because I did this once. Kopano is smooth, but not totally open source and the licensing is confusing. SOGo works with Outlook well, but the web interface is heavy and slow. Webtop web interface is much better and integrates with Nextcloud, but ActiveSync doesn’t work right. If any of those 3 would just fix the one area they are week in, they would become a truly good alternative. Since Webtop uses Z-push, I don’t understand why the ActiveSync issues aren’t fairly easy to fix as that is also what Kopano uses.



I also lost a client due to MS - so what? Win a few lose a few…
I’m glad all those insisting on MS are gone…

I still do have Outlook fans among my clients, but they’re happy with Nextcloud and NethServer…
No ActiveSync, but all their mobiles sync better than with Exchange before (Exchange 2003, was not really usable with mobiles…).

And, I fully agree that MS is smooth, actually, that last Exchange Incident was REALLY slick!
As smooth as can be, even GPO compliant! :slight_smile:

Almost as smooth as Facebook data stealing, even including the initial denials…

PS: The best thing: My “Outlook Fan client”, migrated from SBS2003 in Jan 2000, actually thanked me for saving him a couple of thousand licensing fees on Microsoft, and also for the better security after the last couple of MS “goofs”…

My 2 cents

Exchange 2003 was connecting only with Windows Mobile (almost not even Windows Phone!).

Anyway… lasts goof were quite… “sizeable”, but were zero-days vulnerabilites into the wild (i won’t talk about Facebook “leak”) but… there were plenty of zero-days vulnerabilities on packages for Linux, but the “stronger point” IMVHO is due to openness of source and bigger crowd who can find issues and problems.

So OpenSource is invulnerable? No. Security is made of choices and processes…

No harsh feelings for people who wants/keep wanting Outlook. Under several points and features is far better than a lot of email clients, when you’re using a lot of the features. And anyway… all people get used to something, and don’t want to change a way to do. In my case, i won’t trade ISO layout keyboard for any reason (may be screwed and cursed the imposer of the ANSI layout!).
Also, for a lot of things now is better (starting from sync between computer and mobile device. Config once, replicate configuration on your mobile device. Nice idea.

I’ll keep using webmail and thunderbird… :slight_smile:

Trying to keep to the main point…because we can all point out all the flaws of whichever config we don’t like… I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask why we can’t get Webtop syncing well with ActiveSync, that would get us to a point of functionality that would actually rival MS. I’d love to help with that process if I had the coding knowledge to do so, but I don’t. If I were to pursue education that would allow me to do so, which languages would I be looking into?

IMO… Ask to Microsoft.
Ask them to support standard protocols like caldav and cardav “by default”, without third part plugins. Maybe picking login details from the configured email account.
Ask them re-establish a full IMAP compliancy, so i can decide on Outlook which is my Sent, Trash, Spam, Inbox folder, and how the client should behave for deletion (moving, marking, hinding… any setting)
Don’t forget to ask them also to re-establish a full configurability for IMAP, POP3 and SMTP protocol, even for accepting only in the email client, if necessary, self-signed certificate if it’s not verified by compliant/authorized CA (and stopping for ask every single refresh of the mailbox, please!!!). As optional, of course, but without bashing 8 time the head against a wizard that keeps telling “you fool, are you not using Microsoft 365 or Exchange? How miserable you are?”. Just a button “i want to fully configure my email client” without scavenging into Control Panel… Which is going to be MIA from Microsoft soon, into Windows 10.
As default, international and compliant field mapping (including export .CSV proper way, not transposed) for address book, and message prefixes. In Italy, Outlook “wish” to translate Reply with Risposta, Forward with Inoltro. It sucks in so many ways since Schedule+ that i can’t contain my rage about that.
And i should not indulge too much on “bare LF” bad habit. Could lead to meltdown more than RTF Formatting as default or Winmail.dat attachment embedding.

These things should be default and easy to access. Simply, by default RFC Compliant.

I’m personally not asking for client managed sieve rules, currently they don’t work even with plugin for Thunderbird. But at least a real RFC Email client…

Ok, my post seems a quite… loaded with hatred series of requested. They may be not.
If you don’t ask to Outlook to behave like a compliant email client it will work great. Pair it with Exchange and/or Microsoft365 and it can give a lot of satisfaction to the user… I mean… editing rules from client and applied to the server? Wonderful! It’s simple, but it can do a lot of wonderful things even when it’s not opened on a computer.
When you ask some interoperation with other (non Microsoft) software and services… there start the madness. Once there was MAPI library, so at least you could tell to Outlook “do this” (hoping that the version dialect was not so messed up at the next release) and something came out… Nokia Suite, still missing you. You were so nice to talk with all that PIMs…

People wants Microsoft? Ok. Buy Microsoft. Client, and server. Or… stop buying Microsoft, asking them a software that can relate with RFC standards.



Also please don’t forget that MS Outlook, in all Versions, has always been top of the list when it comes to mail based malware…

I do recall the Oracle ad:

“Are you running a Virus Exchange in your server room?”


My 2 cents