SUSE Has Been Sold Yet Again

SUSE has been recently acquired by EQT (a Swedish private equity group).

EQT is the fifth company that has owned the SUSE brand within the 25+ years of SUSE existence.


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Some discussion has been going on after Richard Brown from OpenSUSE shared the news on OpenSUSE Mailing list.


Private equity often looks for ROE. And they measure growth by business numbers.
Business software companies (like MicroFocus) sometimes are a bit more “techie” than private equity, therefore may have the skills to understand what’s under the hood of a mature software developer and not a bleeding edge.
Therefore can push a bit harder for bleeding edge to consolidate in future some patents or technologies. I’m not sure that private equity can think that long.


I recently watch few video about openSuse;
Yes as a old Novell SysAdmin missing NDP :stuck_out_tongue:
and a huge fan of Rolling Version
This video convince me to, at least give them a try again

Anyway, I’m not sure it is in this one and or another one
but SUSE is one of few company based on OpenSource to make profit, so it’s normal to see investor having interest in it.

I’ll say for now

  • a huge plus to snapper (but it’s possible to use it with other distro and filesystem via LVM);
  • to the rolling version;
    = I still scared about brtfs (so much ugly story on the net);

But I’m curious; why talking about SUSE in this Forum ?


Here in #chat you can discuss everything

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