Support iSCSI Protocol

Good morning everyone I wanted to know if in the future it was expected to insert the support to the form iscsi
thank you

The problem here is to build a simple user interface for complex and file system relevant functions which may harm a system.

You can already use it, check it out:

The only thing which doesn’t apply is the rule on the firewall, just use the web interface to create it :wink:

it would be nice to web interface of iscsi initiator setup/config (but not for creating the iscsi target) in nethserver. the iscsi target can be on any NAS server (like FreeNAS or OpenMediaVault :P).

although adding NAS server modules in nethserver would be very great but it might change the focus of project from domain-controller/file-server to storage manegment

I’d start with an howto :wink:

Thus, if you want to give it a try and create a NS module, I will help you by reviewing the code and giving suggestions on the implementation!