Support for Active Directory groups on web filter

(Luciano Cunha) #1

Hello Guys, I moving from zentyal too.

I was trying some features on nethserver and found this on Web content filter:

Groups from Active Directory are not supported.

It’s impossible create policy by users!!!

How do you work with this module ?

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(Bogdan Costin) #2

Hi Luciano,
This is because NS is a NT style domain controller and not AD style.
Also this limits are because of Samba 3 used. When Samba 4 will be used it will have all the features


(Luciano Cunha) #3

tks @Ctek.

Do you know when samba 4 will be used ??

(Bogdan Costin) #4

Sorry Luciano, i could not give an answer on this.

Switching NS to Samba 4 is a huge step so only the devs could provide an estimate.


(Alessio Fattorini) #5

@lucianoecunha I don’t know how much effort it needs. I moved this discussion on feature category changing the title