Suggestions for WebTop Mail

Hello @webtop_team and @lucag,

I’ve begun introducing our office to using WebTop. They have asked for a few changes to WebTop mail to enhance it’s abilities. I believe some of our staff use Outlook at home and would like to see similar functions within WebTop. Personally I think these suggestions would make WebTop more user friendly as well.

  • Would it be possible to allow for multiple email addresses in the To Line? Currently WebTop requires a new To line for each email address. As we continue to add more email addresses this gets very large. We do plan on using Contact Lists for common clients but sometimes we can’t use Contact Lists and need to input individual email addresses. We do not like the scroll of the “To” lines as we add more addresses. A more cleaner look would be adding mulitple email addresses/contact lists per “To” line. If you need a screenshot as an example please let me know.

  • Could you add in the function to auto capitilize the first letter of a new sentence to be capital?

Please let me know if you would prefer a different method to suggest WebTop enhancements.

Thank you.

I would like to add the feature to delete all messages from one folder, if needed. Now it is possible only on Trash folder.