Successful migration from SME 9.2

NethServer Version: 7.6

After a number of false starts, I’ve now managed to migrate a production SME 9.2 system to the latest Nethserver. In this instance, I used a backup from the SME system. I’ve yet to mange the same using rsync, and it will require a bit of thought to manage it.
In order to complete the migration, I had to copy /root/.my.cnf to /var/lib/migration/root, so that the migration used the mysql password from the Nethsever system rather than attempting to use the password from the SME system. I also had to remove /home/e-smith/db/mysql/information_schema.dump, since that failed to apply on every earlier attempt I made.

So I now have one out of the 10 systems I need to convert running. I’m generally happy with the way the migrated system is running, though there are still a few things I need to sort out.
I’ve yet to find a way to change the server name once the migration is done. Not a problem if the basic install is done in isolation and the migration uses a backup, but not very useful if the system is in its home network when it is initially installed or if attempting an rsync migration…

I’ve also hit a problem with NFS. I used an NFS mount to a secondary server (in this instance, an Ubuntu 16.04 server. That is working as it should, but I also needed an NFS mount on the Nethsever, which is not working - any attempt to use showmount -e from the Ubuntu server results in this error:

clnt_create: RPC: Port mapper failure - Unable to receive: errno 111 (Connection refused

and attempting to mount the share from the Ubuntu server times out.

Other than those problems, the new system is working well. I’m looking forward to converting some of the other systems in the near future.


Thanks for reporting it. I love your report.
I think that it can give sme users more confidence in a NethServer migration :wink: