Subscription Token

Is there a way to retrieve the Server Token for a Subscription?

I may be missing the obvious, but I did mess up in my first subscription and lost the initial Token and can’t see how to regenerate that or apply a different one to the subscription.


First of all, thanks for supporting the NethServer project with 3 Crostino :slight_smile:

You can find the ID clicking on your server (on looking for the System ID filed on the right :point_down:

Thanks Alessio, but it’s the 64bit Registration token (that I was supposed to copy) that I need to retrieve, or is there are way to use/register the System-ID at the Server end?

I just sent you’re secret by private message.

It seems we need a widget inside the UI to show the secret when requested :wink:

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Nothing to thank me for. Not only is Nethserver the best release I’ve seen in (25+) years, it has the best community I’ve come across and deserves to be supported in whatever way we can!

Only a few ‘crumbs’ this time as these are just small, non-profit, community sports clubs. Any business ones I setup will have to buy Pizza … and Beer :slight_smile:


Oh man thanks for the trust and compliments :slight_smile:

We love :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: I hope you will setup a lot of business!

We should we add it, we have another discussion with the same problem

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Oh yes! :smiley: :clap:

Wow! You don’t mess around! You guys Rock (Italian Style of course :slight_smile: ) Thanks.

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