Sub domain for email addresses

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.5.1804 (final)

I’ve created my NethServer and am using a subdomain “server”. So my NS is at (lets say) server.mydomain.tld. mydomain.tld is hosted elsewhere.In effect I have two servers, one outside hosted at a big data centre, the other under my small desk!

I notice that when creating users they are given usernames in the form user@mydomain.tld. I expected they would be user@server.mydomain.tld

If it is possible, how can I have user@server.mydomain.tld?

Why? Because I don’t trust my internet connection and want to relay incoming email through a host who will both filter for spam and try to resend if I’m off line. What I have done in the past is let email for user@mydomain.tld go to the MX at my host. From there it is re-directed to user@server.mydomain.tld. Then server.mydomain.tld delivers the message to the local mailbox for user who reads it via IMAP.

Perhaps I should have set up Active Directory to ad.server.mydomain.tld instead of ad.mydomian.tld?

Or something else?


That didn’t work. I deleted my Active Directory and reinstalled it as ad.server.mydomain.tld. But when I go to create a new user they are still in the mydomain.tld domain, not server.mydomain.tld.

Any clues or suggestions welcome!

So I need a mail alias, mail for user@server.mydomain.tld gets delivered to user@mydomain.tld.

But that’s not working so I’ll ask in a fresh post.