Struggling to locate File Share on NS8

NethServer Version: NS8
Module: File Server

This is the first time I am working with NS8 and I think I may be missing something stupidly obvious, so please do excuse me for potentially asking ID 10 T questions.

I am trying to setup the File Shares.

I have installed and configured the Samba Active Directory as per the documentation located at User domains — NS8 documentation

Now I am attempting to follow the File Server Instructions located at File server — NS8 documentation and it tells me to “Open Samba application from the app drawer”.

The problem is that I cannot find the Samba Application and I am not even sure where the App Drawer is. It might be my lack of understanding of the terminology.

Is someone able to point me in the right direction?

Likely @Andy_Wismer would be able to help.

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Hi @bwdjames

Sorry I don’t have an english browser available, but once you know where to click…

The “App drawer”, as it’s known, is here:

Top right, nine dots:

Clicking on Samba* should get you this:

The samba screen is also available from the Domains & Users entry on the left.

Hope this helps!

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Hi @Andy_Wismer ,

Thanks for the prompt response and not to worry about the English language.

Thanks for clarifying where the App Drawer is.

Now either I have setup the Internal Samba Active Directory incorrectly or something has gone wrong as I don’t see Samba in the list anyware. I’ve even deleted and recreated it to no avail.

Hi James

Happened to me too, on my Home Server I set up 3 weeks ago. No Migration, fresh install. The process is often reffered to as “sh*t happens!”. :slight_smile:

I actually wiped and reinstalled the whole cabodle - for the reasons I was documenting the process and I wanted a 100% clean install and docu!

As everything was on Proxmox as a VM, this was quite fast.

The docu is here, btw.:

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I can relate to the “shi*t happens!” and I’m kinda glad that I’m not alone with this one.

Thanks for the help so far and I’ll wipe everything and try again in the next couple of days


Good luck and a lot of fun!


My 2 cents

My latest migration:

Node1: 1.5 TB, 16 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores
Node2: 300 GB 8 GB RAM, 8 CPU cores

Both operational since this week, replacing a NS7 with 1.4 TB VM.

So the final outcome was that I missed two things.
(1) I didn’'t have a Reverse PTR record for the DC DNS record
(2) The IP Address range for the VPN was clashing with the primary network range

Thanks for the help @Andy_Wismer