Strange hostname in bandwidth monitor

Where do the hostnames in the bandwith monitor com from? I have some strange entries there:

If I use nslookup with the ip address on a Nethserver terminal, I do not get these names. is the address of the external red interface.

I’ve found that the first address is a site, where you are redirected by a “virus”

I googled too, but the IP-Adress is the internal address If you resolve you get a real internet address. So how does Nethserver determine the host names in this list. “888103662” is also not a real hostnames in the local net. The PC with this IP-address has a completely different name.

As set is Nethserver’s external IP-address and an address not routable on the internet (Nethserver is behind another router). So how can this address be

I don’t know, my one only shows the names of servers, not of the clients.
@giacomo Can you clarify it?

You have no name resolution on the “top local hosts” side?

Not for the clients. But this can be a DNS configuration problem, my nethserver is the primary dns for the clients , but asks a windows dns server for the names. Nethserver is not the dns server for servers.

I do not know. I guess ntopng uses the server DNS since there is no special configuration for it. For sure it’s a reverse query

I am not talking about ntopng which is started with the seperate button, but about the display on the Cockpit page.

That data inside Cockpit comes directly from an API call to ntopng.