Storage How-To & grayed out buttons

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: New UI, system -> storage

This is a fresh install on ESXi 6.7u3, and after I finished the installation, I added a 6tb vm drive. The old how-to on this site was written in 2015. I’m sure that the cli process will work to create the partitions and format, but I’d like to know why the ui cannot handle it? The buttons are grayed out.

Can a new how-to be written to update to the new ui method? I’m trying to avoid using the cli with Neth as I would prefer not to go under the hood every time I need to do something basic, and this install is only to serve as a file host.

I’m asking myself if the LVM package is installed. Or the Partition manager of Cockpit.

Logged in as root or as another admin user?

What can I do to validate those for you?

Logged in as an admin user. I’ll test root.

Ah. I now it’s all showing. I guess admin users aren’t exactly the same class.

I would still suggest an updated how to document.

Would you please pinpoint the one who created doubt or confusion in you?

I linked it in my first post.