Still active members in the Translation Team

good morning to all,

In my absence time because of workloads on site. I have analyzed and thought several situations regarding the translations.

I have the personal project to translate in my free time, rest or to the extent that I can. Like the rest of the team of translators.

But we must be honest who are active, and those who still can not provide support to keep NethServer 100% of their translations. @translations_team


i’m in when you need me


Thanks my friend. :+1:

Thanks for highlighting the problem man, this pic is quite clear, we have lost many guys in the meantime.

Many translations are incomplete

I hope to involve our new blood into the translation work
How can we fix that? Suggestions are welcome :blush:


I can help on PT-BR if needed.


Maybe something like: Came to the dark side, we have cookies :smiley:

From my point of view (and some experience :innocent:), one way is to constantly spread the word through forum, site, Twitter, FB and other social network channels…with some details about needed % of translation…or languages…


Sure You are right…you have a new file to translate for nethserver-diagTools, please go ahead @all

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I a still active on translations for German :de: language. I’m checking the translation status from time to time and translate the new stuff.

And now: Back to 100% :slight_smile:


You’re totally right. It’s my fault because I can’t do all consistently :disappointed_relieved:

:clap: Thanks for taking the time to complete it!

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Could I support you in that by using my company’s social networks?

Thanks my friend

@jgjimenezs I suggest you remove members who aren’t still alive and didn’t answer to your ping :slight_smile:

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