Sticky connections for multi wan


as many people here I am a Zentyal refugee after they removed load balancing support. After our router died last week I am setting up nethserver as a replacement. Our main usage is multi wan with load balancing.

One problem with multi-wan in zentyal was that every packet (or every connection?) was routed to a different WAN which broke some sites like webmailers. Is there any support for ‘sticky connections’ in nethserver? I would also be willing to tweak it on the system manually if the UI does not support it.



Hi , multi wan logic was changed not so long ago , so it is better to try. As we use shorewall you could use shorewall docs.

@hendrik I have not mentioned that fact if you want to receive complex assistance, you need to attach logs and desired goals that you want to achieve.

On NethServer traffic is routed per destination, with a cache. This means that traffic to an IP address goes through the same uplink. We didn’t encounter problems, but if you could share a link to a malfunction webmail, we could test it with NethServer.


[root@nethserver ~]# ip ru
0:      from all lookup local
999:    from all lookup main
10000:  from all fwmark 0x10000/0xf0000 lookup IC2
10001:  from all fwmark 0x20000/0xf0000 lookup ITC1
20000:  from lookup IC2
20000:  from lookup ITC1
32765:  from all lookup balance
32767:  from all lookup default

So we markup all incoming traffic, thus no problem with misrouted traffic is observed.

Thank you so much for all the feedback.

The problem I described happens on Zentyal, looks like nethserver does not only do a better job but also has a great community.

Thank you again, I will install the machine in production tomorrow or on monday, if I encounter any problem, I let you know.

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If i’m not mistaking I think Zentyal implemented something like RoundRobin. This wash the model for balancing.
Every other connection was routed over the next link.

Yeah! It is. :wink:

I’m very interested in this switch, please let us know

Good morning,

router is in production and yes it works like a charm! Not only the multi-wan routing works with stickiness but also the network itself seems to be much quicker than with the old Zentyal setup.

LBNL I am also happy about the network configuration options (I need some static routes to connect to some legacy network, Zentyal required some manual hacks to achieve what I needed, nethserver just works)

So thanks from a happy migrator!


Happy to hear this! Great shot!