StephDL Wordpress Autoupdater--Update Wordpress

NethServer Version: Latest
Module: Wordpress

Hello all, but most specifically StephDL:

I am setting up Wordpress using the Autoupdater. It’s rolled out perfectly, no complaints.

I just need a definitive response regarding updating Wordpress. The current installation runs 5.something. I would like to bring it up to 6.1.1, as suggested on the Dashboard.

→ Can I update from the Dashboard?
→ If not, is there an update available?


And a follow-up: every time I change my domain name or Wordpress URL in settings and then on command line, as instructed by the wiki, the site and admin page crashes and becomes unrecoverable. It shows a 404.

The problem seems to derive from this command:
config setprop wordpress URL foldername

I have been entering the command as:
config setprop wordpress /usr/share/wordpress

There must be something wrong with this command.

The DomainName command, on the other hand, appears to be straightforward.

I just need to properly set these two things so that I can administer Wordpress and eventually take it live.

not sure it is for domain name, mostly to change the path name after the domain name

If you want to use another name instead of 'wordpress' (http://url/wordpress), the older 'wordpress' is not removed

config setprop wordpress URL foldername
signal-event nethserver-wordpress-AutoUpdater-update

however it takes a propety DomainName that you could adapt to a real domain name