Stephdl needs mirrors

Hello mates, I were thinking that I won’t have never need to write this post, but too much people are after my repository and I could never offer the reliability of a SLA alone. Hence now I need mirrors.

For now I am alone, I hope it could change fast, I am on the point to release a rpm to use a mirror list, instead of a base url. I did some clean up, I keep only 2 versions of my repo, actually it is 903M

To rsync my mirror, do it every two hours (pick a random minute, please save my server :face_with_raised_eyebrow: )

rsync -avz rsync:// /tmp/toto

for those who can share, drop me a line with the email admin to contact, the location of the server and the url of the repository, we will monitor it few time before to add it to the list

The principle is this, create a vhost in your server, then write a /etc/cron.d/mirror-stephdl

45 */2 * * * root rsync -avz rsync:// /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/…/

think to pick a random minutes :smiley: (replace 45 by your own choice)


the need is not really bandwith nor disk space, it is mostly to make things reliable if tomorrow I hit a bus or I decide to stop to work


Will check the cron for a while, have a manual sync.


Email sent :grin:


mirror released as beta until next century

For now I go always to my mirror :expressionless:

you need nethserver-stephdl-1.1.6

yum update nethserver-stephdl
yum clean all --enablerepo=*
yum install nethserver-dolibarr roundcubemail --enablerepo=stephdl-dolibarr,stephdl-roundcubemail

check what mirror you use for stephdl,stephdl-dolibarr,stephdl-roundcubemail, at the head of yum transaction (no need to press y)

I hope that for those you find there you can see some trafic nethserver-awstats could give informations

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rpm -q nethserver-stephdl

used mirror are:

 * stephdl:
 * stephdl-dolibarr:
 * stephdl-roundcubemail:


yum clean all --enablerepo=*

yum makecache --enablerepo=stephdl-dolibarr,stephdl-roundcubemail
Loaded plugins: changelog, fastestmirror, nethserver_events
Determining fastest mirrors


 * stephdl:
 * stephdl-dolibarr:
 * stephdl-roundcubemail:


Hit another one :grinning:


it seems to work :smiley:


I installed rpms with the @danb35 server

Worked fine for me too. :+1:

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Working here too…

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I am mirroring many Linux distro.s for years now,
I’ll be more than glad to mirror NS and stephdl .

I am a big fan of Stéphane’s work already, maybe because I am French too, lol .


I can also confirm it works, also seeing some traffic from others.

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