StephDL hired as part-time developer by Nethesis

(Alessio Fattorini) #1

I guess that everyone here knows who is @stephdl

Today I have an AMAZING news for the whole community. Nethesis and Stéphane reached an agreement under which he was hired as part-time developer by Nethesis

Why this is a great news?

  • Stephane is going to have more time to devote to the project (and I hope more incentives :slight_smile: )
  • He found a sustainable way to support his development effort (he doesn’t have to rely just on donations)
  • He’s breaking the ice. I hope that he’s just the first one :slight_smile: and many others will follow. Being paid/supported by Nethesis or other companies/clients to work on NethServer
  • I know that Steph is trying to become a full-time developer so I hope that this step may be a good starting point for his career.

Thanks man for your work so far, and now… CELEBRATE



Yes, great news! Congratulations @stephdl

(Jeroen Visser) #3

…great news, congratulations @stephdl!

(de Labrusse) #4

very proud to be in the origin of stephDL’s intelligence and also of his repository !

(Saito Benkei) #5

Era ora!


Most Excellent! Well Deserved!

(Dan) #7

Good to hear. Hopefully this will be a long-lasting relationship, beneficial to @stephdl, the company, and the users.

(Marc) #8

Congrats! That’s a triple-win (Steph, users, nethesis).

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #9

I saw my daddy here :blush:

Thank all, I’m really exited !!!

(Markus Neuberger) #10

Amazing move! This is so good news I am just happy. Absolutely Win-Win-Win! Congrats @stephdl! and thanks again for your work!

(Kristian Reukauff) #11

Really nice to hear. StephDL is a very large value for all of us!

(kai) #12

also congrats from me, @stephdl do a great job as far i can say and for sure he is an enrichment for nethesis.

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #13

To all: Stephane, Nethesis, Community (no matter the order is)!
:clap: :clap: :clap:

(Michael Träumner) #14

Yes, these are great news, congratualitions to @stephdl.
You have deserved it. Thanks for your work again. :+1:

(Michael Träumner) #15

Your pics (pigs) are always great and funny :joy::joy::joy:

(Rob Bosch) #16

I already mentioned this on Telegram, but I want to express it here too:
This is absolutly GREAT news for @stephdl, NethServer and Nethesis!
I can’ t imagine a better hire!

(Andreas Schloegl) #17

These are indeed very good news! I’m sure many great things will be seen in Nethserver in the near future…

(Joel Clendineng) #18


(Matthieu Gaillet) #19

I was already a big fan of @stephdl’s modules. I think I’ll love them even more :slight_smile: Congratulation !

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