Step-by-step instructions for 7

A new member has asked me

I just noticed we don’t have such doc yet, is there anyone who want to register a video on this?

@docs_team @jgjimenezs @saikrishnavedaraju

Well, it depends on what he/she wants to achieve.

A “total” tutorial will require a lot of time and preparation.
Maybe, it is better to be divided into smaller video tutorials … Installation, Gateway/Proxy, File server, Emails etc.

I can start to draft a script for the how-to if nobody will make a jump and post one before.
But it will take time until it will be finished :slight_smile:


like it says @Ctek we can create videos in parts, but it would be recommended to do so with NethServer 7 released soon


Are you suggesting to wait for the stable release? I think that basically things won’t change so much.

really they do not change much. but as I say make it official, correcting all the details and make a good video

Right now I’m with a network project for a client, but will be done, a video tutorial installation NethServer