Static Route & libvirt (KVM)

I did’nt want to declare it as a bug because i’m not sure of how i’m doing what…
Basicly I have
one NIC (green)
two network

  • LAN:
  • VMnetwork:

I want to make a route between my VM’s (serve with libvirt on Nethserver)
to be able to use Nethserver as a router for my VM.
All VM are able to communicate to the outside world
it’s from outside world (LAN+Nethserver CLI) to my VM didn’t communicate.

So I add a (in a potential order)

  • interface inside libvirt
  • trusted network
  • static route
  • reboot
  • cry :wink:

with ip r ou route -n I don’t see my route

Someones know why and or how to do it ?


@flatspin or @Fred might help you here

If you bridge your VMs to virbr0, all traffic is routed via NethServer.

Sorry for late answer. I’m using virtualbox not kvm, so I can’t help directly, but in virualbox I use bridged nics to physical nics, so every vm is part of the networksegment and can se each other.

EDIT: If you choose nsdc as account provider, please set your nic in promiscouos mode.

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Hi Giacomo;

Actually it’s how I use it for now.
But with this configs all VM’s are on the same subnet of my host (

This is ok in a private network, but If I want to use Nethserver (or this kind of setup) at DigitalOcean or another hoster

I can’t have all the IP’s I want for free.
This is why I was trying to do a internal private network the those VM.