Static route don't work

NethServer Version: 7.2.1511 (beta 2) + lates updates
Module: Static route

i have fresh installing nethserver
lan(green interface) and internet(red interface) its work
i create static route to my VPN GW
i can ping any ip address from my nethserver to VPN GW (blue interface)
but not ping from my local network (green interface) to blue interface
what else configure?

red interface(internet) - static ip address
green interface - bridge(lan) -
orange interface (external interface for VPN GW) -
blue interface (internal interface for VPN GW) -

sorry my english

i use this manual
create static route and add the network to trusted networks

module network:
device: ens5
role: blue
ip address:

VPN GW have ip address
its two address ping on itself server

module static route:
network: -
router address:
device: ens5 - ping on itself server

module trusted network
network: -
net mask:

and i create lan (green role) interface with
lan work fine, and internet on lan interface

from lan not ping to,,
what am I doing wrong?
what else configure?
maybe firewall?

please help
sorry my english…

Sorry but I don’t get the scenario.
Why you’ve added a VPN gateway in a blue zone which is reserved for guests?

What are you trying to achieve?


thanks for the answer
Please ask your network option scheme and server settings.
I will try to do this.
Thank you so much!

I solved the problem
I changed the “blue zone” in the "red zone"
and I have everything working

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