Starting the development of a module

I would like to know more about the development framework so I could translate or reimplement some good features found in E-smith (SME) server.


Hi @Erwis,

:blush: this is fantastic!

NethServer shares a lot with e-smith, the starting point could be the developer manual and - of course - the code itself.

Please, ask here for any doubt!

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Thank you!

The developer manual is just what i was looking for! How could I have missed that? Now things make perfectly sense :slight_smile:

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@davidep @giacomo do you see it? It was worth writing it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Thanks @malvank

@Erwis @malvank any update on this? Do you need a help?
what’s your biggest challenge here?

@alefattorini To be honest, my biggest challenge is still to understand the more advanced features of Nethserver. The documentation is very all in one server oriented and therefore some topics are described from that perspective.

NS CAN be an all in one server but you can use only the features you need… I mena: if you need only fw/proxy features, you install/configure only that modules

btw, make many NS work together sharing the users is, AFAIK, not (yet) supported.

you’d conside that here in italy a SMALL MEDIUM enterprise is really small and usually a single server is enough

anyway, any improvement is welcome