Stability of Nethserver as Active Directory

Hello nethserver community,
I am in process of deploying an active directory like infrastructure for single sign on and/or centralized management of user credentials. This is for a Windows/Linux mix environment where users will need mapped drives, some level of ACLs much like windows group policy etc.

I tried my hands on nethserver as active directory provider but had lot of issues to even setup a test environment. Now I am planning to give another go.

Do you as community have any experience with nethserver as active directory replacement in functionality, reliability? Any comments/suggestions/feedback/concern?

My experience is that, knowing the limitations of Samba4 as AD replacement, NethServer can serve a stable AD account provider.
You can manage it through the NS webinterface. If you want some more configuration optins you can grab a Windows pc and install RSAT tools.

Can you point out what problems you have encountered with your trials?

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I actualy use nethserver 7.4 as AD, 160 user, 50 windows machine XP 7 10 joined in domain, various GPO applied, many shared folder.
use a NS second machine joined in domain for hosting various service ( chat Sogo webtop WordPress erpnext ) with SSO


I can’t give my opinion because I’m biased :slight_smile: but I can tell you a number from Enterprise installations.

We currently have 215 Enterprise installation with Samba 4 up & running.

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I have been using it a short time, and following the instructions correctly, I had no problems regarding integration with samba. Acls work perfectly!