Ssl errors + webtop-dav bind with wrong ssl

Hello everyone,

I have 3 different let’s encrypt ssl certificates for 3 different domains I have to manage.

One is the default for the Nethserver (, then I have two more ssl and certificates for two different virtual host.

So I installed Webtop and I want to link a calendar, the default link for do so is :

going by that url the browser slaps me in the face with a NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID
saying me that the certificate provided is :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :scream:

so now, I’ve tried to change the default certificate, rebooted the system … deleting a certificate ( that btw has led me to httpd service to be unable to start again) … nothing to do.

So now I see the certificate is not about webtop only, it seems that the system wont set the default.

any suggestion for fix it?


little update:

I’ve disabled the httpd service. than removed all the three certificate, disabled the virtual host, and rebooted the system.

after this the httpd starts again, BUT still the browser talks about the certificate even if there are no more let’s encrypt certificate in the machine.

this issue should relate more to web serving in general than webtop… thanks

second update: so now I created an ssl wildcard certificate with lets encrypt, I removed all the certificates on the Nethserver, but still after reboot the browser during navigation refer to ssl certificate.

any help?


ok, now i feel silly. I forgot to set the reverse proxy to the right certs.
should I remove all this monologue?


In no case, it is helpful for other too. We have to thank you for it and for coming back with your solution.

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