SSL Bypassed Whatsapp

Hi Team:-

I have setup Nethserver as firewall and proxy server (transparent proxy) and I am trying to bypass Whatsapp by adding some Whatsapp URLs in to SSL Bypass field using the following command:-

config setprop squid SSLBypass,,
signal-event nethserver-squid-update

Using my laptop, i can go to the whatsapp web page but the QR code can’t show (showing a circle keep on loading). After checking the destination URL, it seems like the web socket site causing the problem.

If I bypass my laptop (ip address) from proxy, it works fine. May I know is there anyway I can bypass the entire proxy (not only SSL) by using URL?

I think you won’t be able to do it with actual implementation.
Take a look at this:

In the next release I think you could add whatsapp to the list of non filtered urls, but surely it needs testing.